Trade and training of
exclusive sport horses

Horses with exceptional talent and performance potential

Our focus is on trading and training exclusive sport horses. We offer horses of various pedigrees and ages that stand out for their exceptional talent and ability. Our experienced team carefully identifies and selects potential top horses from international breeding programs and stables. We place special emphasis on health and performance potential to ensure that we include only the best horses in our program.

We work closely with renowned riders and partners to train our horses to the highest level. Our experienced trainers and coaches teach horses to reach their full potential and compete in a variety of equestrian disciplines. We place great emphasis on providing the horses with the best possible care during the training process. This includes first-class care, veterinary attention and regular training to ensure their fitness and well-being.

Our goal is to find horses that not only have exceptional talent, but can also form close bonds with their riders. We are proud to offer horses that are not only successful at the highest athletic level, but also shine as reliable partners in sport and daily handling.

If you are looking for a top-notch sport horse or have questions about training, we are here to help. Our team is here with expertise, commitment and passion to help you find the perfect sport horse or develop your existing horse.

From yearling to youngster – the offspring

Our team is always on the lookout for young and special talents who have the potential to succeed in equestrian sport. We place great emphasis on selecting horses that have the necessary disposition, willingness to perform and caution to excel in the demanding sport of show jumping.

To ensure that the selected horses are also suitable for the sport in terms of health, they undergo an extensive examination by our veterinarians. Only horses that meet the highest health standards make it into our program.
We are aware that the health and well-being of horses is of utmost importance. Therefore, we take the selection and examination of horses very seriously to ensure that they have the best possible foundation for a successful career in equestrian sports.

Through proper training, carried out by experienced riders and trainers, the potential of each individual horse can be optimally developed. We emphasize a sensitive and individualized training method so that horses can develop their full performance potential.

Our goal is to discover talented horses and give them the best possible chance to succeed in competitive sport. Through a combination of disposition, careful selection, comprehensive veterinary examination and individual training, we create the foundation for our horses’ success.

Horses as an capital investment

Profitable and safe investment with high profit potential

Sporthorses Ulrich - Ernie Of Greenhill Z

In recent years, the interest in professional equestrian sports and especially in show jumping has grown significantly. Whereas a few years ago the market for the horse trade was concentrated in Europe and North America, professional equestrian sport has since been extended to Asia, the Middle East and South America. At the same time, stud numbers in Europe declined. The reduced supply and the increased demand lead to the fact that the prices for trained and experienced show horses keep on rising. Grand Prix horses are meanwhile traded for several million euros.

While we are currently facing a very turbulent stock, real estate and foreign exchange market, the sales figures in the horse industry are steadily increasing despite worldwide crises. At this time, the investment in a young horse that is capable of being trained represents a profitable and comparatively safe investment with high profit potential.

According to the evaluations of the German Equestrian Federation FN, the turnover of the German horse industry alone is 6.7 billion Euros. According to the European Equestrian Business Association e.V. ., the world market has a turnover of approx. 253 billion EUR and approx. 112 billion EUR of this in Europe alone. In the EU, around 896,000 people currently earn their living from horses.

With the right partners at your side and the right strategy, you can secure a share of this success even without much prior knowledge.

We offer different investment models: so you can choose between fixed interest and low risk to the participation in one or more horses.

To keep the risk for investors and owners as low as possible we have established very high security standards.

Safeguarding the capital

We take a lot of time and invest above average money for an intensive health check before the purchase is made. In addition to a general examination by a selected, renowned veterinarian, X-rays are taken (approx. 58 – 60 images), all tendons of the legs are scanned (approx. 26-30 images), the blood is checked for irregularities or doping and the basic gaits as well as the jumping movements of the horse are analyzed. The video recordings of the basic gaits as well as the X-ray and ultrasound images are subsequently evaluated by several independent veterinarians.

For the health check as well as for the capital protection we additionally rely on the expertise of the expert team of our partner Berns Assekuradeur GmbH.

The health condition of the horses is once again subjected to an intensive analysis by several experts and only if we receive the “seal”: Berns approved, the horses are purchased.

Our insurance partner

We work with BERNS value protection for sport horses for all horses. BERNS offers an outstanding concept for capital protection for sport horses and stallions. With innovative insurance solutions, the risks of death, unsuitability for breeding and unsuitability for sport can be covered. The insured value is guaranteed and BERNS even insures the performance level of the horses.

This secures the invested capital for us as well as for our investors.

Sporthorses Ulrich - Versicherungspartner Berns

Our philosophy

Honesty and transparency

Sporthorses Ulrich - Philosophie

For a trustworthy horse trade, it is crucial to ensure that both buyer and seller operate in a fair and transparent business environment – this is very important to us.

When buying or selling a horse, it is not only about financial aspects, but primarily about the welfare and health of the animal.