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Trade and training of exclusive sport horses

From yearling to youngster – the offspring

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Horses as capital investment

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Sport horses as a profitable capital investment and the result of breeding passion

Horses as an capital investment

Interest in professional show jumping has grown strongly in recent years, with the market expanding to Asia, the Middle East and South America. At the same time, the supply of show horses in Europe has decreased, while demand has increased, leading to rising prices for experienced horses. Despite global crises, the horse industry has seen a steady increase in sales. According to reports, around 896,000 people earn their living from horses in the EU alone. Investors can benefit from this growing market through various investment models and high safety standards.

With the right partners at your side and the right strategy, you can secure a share of this success even without much prior knowledge.

We offer different investment models: so you can choose from fixed interest and low risk to participation in one or more horses. To keep the risk for investors and owners as low as possible we have established very high security standards.

Trade and training of exclusive sport horses.

We deal with exceptionally talented sport horses of different training levels and train them, together with renowned riders and partners, to the highest level.

From yearling to youngster – the offspring

Our team is constantly looking for young and special talents. Only if the horse has sufficient disposition, willingness to perform, caution and, above all, the heart for show jumping, will success be achieved through the right training.

The selected horses are extensively examined by our veterinarians for their suitability as sport horses. Only those that meet the highest health standards make it into our program.

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